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Pre-IB courses (Preparatory Year)

The MXIS IB Program is designed for juniors and seniors, and is supplemented by rigorous Pre-IB courses taken in Grades 10.  Pre-IB courses are designed to mimic IB courses, emphasizing the same educational philosophy and methods, but at appropriate levels.

As a small school, MXIS aims to cater for as many individual’s needs as possible. In view of this, prospective IB Diploma students are supported through a tailored programme, so that they too are able to access the IB Diploma Programme. This pre-IB Programme consists of IB subject lessons running concurrently with the existing IB Diploma Programme. ESL support classes are offered to ESL students who wish to take or currently taking IB Diploma Programme. Moreover, all upper school students, whether pre-IB, Certificate, MXIS Diploma, or IB Diploma is allocated a time for individual follow-up of assigned teacher. Progression onto the IB Diploma, or Certificate Programme, is dependent on satisfying all the usual entrance requirements; hence students will be assessed toward the end of their pre-IB course.