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Manila Xiamen International School serves a diverse community of students from different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.Broad based education is offered which uses English as the main language of learning and caters for a range of student abilities. 

MXIS's admissions policy is planned to encourage the maintenance of diversity in our student body, and to ensure that admitted students will benefit from our educational provision and be successful in terms of the schools objectives for learning. However, we also acknowledge that a number of students are less likely to benefit from our educational model. The policies and procedures of MXIS are designed to identify these students in order to help parents and the school to make the best choices in line with the individual needs of these students.

Admissions Criteria

Language requirements

Students will be admitted regardless of their ability in English and ESL provision will be made available by the school. Exceptions to this open admission policy are students with identified learning or behavioral issues where additional support may be necessary on an individual basis. At Grade 11 level, only high intermediate students (Level 3) are accepted. Advanced and support group students receive in-class assistance from teachers assigned to them. Regular assessment allows students to be mainstreamed into the normal program as progress is made (please refer to MXIS language policy for details).

Support for Individual Needs

As a small school, MXIS can only provide a very limited level of support for students with mild learning disabilities. Parents are required to inform the school of any previously identified special needs or previously received support at the time of application. In some cases, parents may be asked to commit to provide extra support for their child, which may take the form of in-class support or out of school provision.

Criteria for placement in a Grade

Students are usually placed in the grade appropriate to their age. However, transfer from another school system may also take into consideration previous educational records. Internal assessment may be used to help reach decision that aim to be in the best interest of each student.

As a general rule, students are admitted to Pre-school (i.e., Pre-K) only on the basis of their chronological age. In particular, students will be expected to have reached 3 years of age by August of the year of their admission. Children must be toilet trained and therefore out of diapers before attending school.

General Requirements for admissions:

Completed application/registration form

Copies of students school reports from previous school

Reports of the results of any special academic or psychological assessments, if required

(4) 1 x 1 ID pictures

Results of the Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT)

Additional admission requirements for Grades 11 and 12:

Completion of IB application forms, including a preliminary selection of courses to be taken to obtain the IB Diploma.

Grades 9 and 10 report cards

Teacher recommendations (for new MXIS students) or two (2) signatures from teachers supporting student application (for old MXIS students)

Stanine 4 or higher on the Metropolitan Achievement Test administered by MXIS Guidance Counselor (as recommended by the Headmaster).

500 word essay indicating reasons for applying to IB Diploma Programme.

Interview with IBDP Coordinator